Preparing Your Home For Exterior Painting

Oct 21, 2020 | Painting Contractor

Preparing For Exterior Painting

Preparing Your Home For Exterior Painting: Preparing your home for exterior painting can be an exciting adventure. First, you will upgrade your property’s aesthetic appeal by freshening its external appearance. Second, such a large-scale home improvement project typically increases your property value as well.

To help you save time and money, Robinson Painting LLC highlights 5 useful tips on how to prepare your property for your home’s next exterior paint job below.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Exterior Painting

1 – Pressure Wash & Clean the Walls

  • Washing your home’s exterior walls, and letting everything dry for at least one day, is crucial to ensuring a clean and clear surface for a new paint job. This allows the new paint to adhere properly.
  • While manually washing your house exterior can seem like a more cost-friendly option, we recommend renting out a strong pressure washer to help save time.
  • Pro Tip: Washing with water alone is generally sufficient for the exterior of your home. Cleaning additives should only be used for mold or other stains that are more difficult to remove.

2 – Cover Surrounding Plants and Outdoor Furnishings

  • Trim off any trees or plants to create a clear working space around your home’s exterior.
  • We recommend removing or using sheets to cover up all hardware, such as cables, curtains, nails, and light fixtures, to avoid paint splatter.

3 – Remove, Repair, and Replace as Needed

  • Make sure to scrape off any cracking, peeling, or flaking paint from the surfaces. Note: It is easier to scrape off the old paint with sandpaper once the surface has been dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Pro Tip: If your home has had more than 2-3 layers of paint from before, professionals recommend using a heat gun to soften the paint as you scrape. However, use caution near vinyl to avoid melting it from heat exposure.
  • Mold or rotting will appear grey or black on wooden surfaces, so you should remove the affected areas by digging out the damages. The entire piece of wood should be replaced for more severe cases of rotting or molding.
  • Apply caulk (a waterproof filling and sealant) to the cracks and voids found in the walls. Wipe off any excess caulk material with a damp rag.

4 – Priming and Beginning Stages of Exterior Painting

  • Be sure to sand down any rough areas on the walls to create a clean, smooth surface.
  • Then, apply an oil-based paint primer to your home’s exterior walls in preparation for the new paint.

5 – Exterior Painting

  • Apply two coats of exterior paint once the primer has dried for at least 24-48 hours.
  • We recommend choosing latex paint as it is easier to clean up afterward and last just as long as oil-based paints.
  • Use a nylon/polyester blend paintbrush to apply latex paint. Using your wrist to control the brush allows for a smoother paint job.
  • To achieve the best exterior painting results, we recommend painting on days when the weather is low in humidity. This way, the paint can dry thoroughly. If possible, try to allow the paint to dry away from direct sunlight.

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