Is No VOC Paint Necessary?

Dec 19, 2020 | Painting Types

What are ‘VOCs’ in Paint?

To start, “VOC” is an abbreviation for Volatile Organic Compounds emitted from various building materials, including paint. When the paint dries, its solvents evaporate, releasing VOCs into the air. This off-gassing is partly to blame for the “new paint smell” following a fresh paint job.

In response to growing concerns about the adverse health effects of exposure to VOCs and their effect on the environment, companies are offering Low or No VOC alternatives.

Low vs. No VOC Paint

Paints labeled ‘Low VOC’ contain lower amounts of VOC than traditional paint. However, they will contain some VOCs level, often as a result of the pigments and binders that may be used.

‘No VOC’ paints can be an even more eco-friendly option. However, it’s important to know that VOC measurements are recorded before pigment is added. Just as with ‘Low VOC’ paints adding pigment can increase VOC levels.

Why Choose Low or No VOC Paint?

High levels of VOCs can impact your home’s air quality, causing eye, nose, and throat irritation, nausea, headaches, and allergic reactions, among other things. Choosing paint with low or no VOCs can be a great way to reduce odors and limit exposure.

Here at Robinson Painting, we discuss with clients the types of paint we will be using for every project ahead of time. Rest assured, we always opt for paint products that are eco-friendly and have low VOC whenever possible.

Limiting VOC exposure in the home is our top priority as part of our mission to exceed established painting industry quality standards.

How to Remove VOC and Paint Smell From Indoors

After a new paint job, make sure large amounts of the paint products are stored correctly and that old packaging and any residual paint are discarded accordingly. The best way to reduce VOC levels in your house or building is to open up the airways to allow fresh air to circulate. Choose purifiers and indoor air filters that specifically remove VOCs.

You can also reduce the odor of new paint by setting out bowls of baking soda, coffee grounds, deactivated charcoal, or water with fresh lemon. Soy or beeswax candles are another excellent option.

Robinson Painting is Here to Help

Have questions about working with no VOC paint? The professionals at Robinson Painting LLC are here to help. Feel free to give us a call today at 866-528-8938 or browse our services page for more information on how we can help with your next paint job.

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