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At Robinson Painting, we provide competitive commercial painting estimates for businesses in Colorado. We offer commercial painting services in LafayetteBroomfieldArvadaBoulderLouisville, and across the Front Range of Colorado.

Here’s a quick overview of our process:

In most cases, we want to make a site visit to inspect the surfaces that will be painted. For some smaller jobs, this may not be necessary, but in most cases, we will want to meet with you to discuss the project and get an impression of the project and your specific needs. Here is a quick breakdown of standard procedures within our industry:

  • Discuss any areas of concern or questions.
  • Discuss timeline to get the project completed.
  • Discuss color options.
  • Discuss the process in detail.
  • Discuss expectations of when the estimate will be received if not completed at that time.
  • Discuss payment options and terms, if any.
  • Discuss any requirements for the homeowner to give access to certain parts of the project, such as removing a camper or boat to give access to the front door, etc.

Robinson Painting of Colorado LLC is a full-service paint contracting company specializing in custom residential and commercial projects. We provide high-quality interior & exterior house painting and water­proofing.

All of our employees are skilled and experienced. Company owner Adam Robinson is a third-generation painter with a rich history of painting. Adam founded the company in 2004 and today still personally supervises each crew. Weekly in-house meetings are held to discuss products, safety, scheduling, etc.

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Professional Commercial Painting Services

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Our Commercial Painting Project Portfolio

(Note: some recent projects may not be included here, pending updates on our site).

Shoppes at Paradise Key, Destin, Florida

$275,000 – Painted Exterior Only

We worked closely with the general contractor, property manager, and multiple store managers to complete the large project quickly during this exterior painting project. This exterior painting project contained multiple surfaces that required different exterior painting products.

After forwarding the detailed exterior painting estimate, we coordinated with all of the stores to accommodate individual needs and not interfere with their customer’s shopping experience.

This exterior painting project is just one example of the leadership, and teamwork Adam Robinson facilitates on his job sites.

Advanced Technology Center, GCSC, Panama City, Florida

$200,000 – Painted Interior and Exterior

This interior/exterior painting project was a high-profile addition to a community college with modern themes throughout the building utilizing Green/Low or No VOC coatings.

The interior painting portion required specialty coatings to achieve the modern architectural design. We achieved all the desired outcomes, no matter if it was blacked out ceilings, warm or bright colors on the walls, or even just a simple, traditional look.

The process started with a detailed interior painting estimate, then expanded to include a detailed exterior painting estimate. This resulted in a clear understanding of responsibilities and expectations.

We completed this new construction project within the scheduled time frame while working with multiple trades.

Pier Park Phases I & II, Panama City Beach, Florida

$257,000 – Painted Exterior Only

This was a very large exterior painting project with many challenges. After providing a detailed exterior painting estimate, we began the process of preparing product submittals and schedules.

This exterior painting project had multiple surfaces that required specific and, in some cases, high-performance coatings. The custom products and chosen colors required a high understanding of exterior paint and the related processes.

This exterior painting project required coordinating with the general contractor, multiple trades, owners, and future tenants.

We were able to successfully complete this exterior painting project utilizing our proven scheduling practices and professional workforce.

North Bay Haven Charter Academy, Panama City, Florida

$150,000 – Painted Interior and Exterior

This more traditional interior/exterior painting project first started with interior and exterior painting estimates for the educational building. Later, it expanded to include interior and exterior painting estimates for the gymnasium.

This interior/exterior painting project had a strict schedule due to the upcoming school term. The aggressive schedule was adhered to, and the project was completed on budget.

This interior/exterior painting project required exceptional attention to detail regarding the prep work and painting.

It was completed smoothly due to the clear, detailed painting estimate and professional service generated by Adam Robinson.

Featured Image Source: iStock via Standard Image License.

Featured Image Source: iStock via Standard Image License..


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