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Exterior Painting Services in Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Arvada, Boulder, and Across the Front Range of Colorado

We are happy to work with you to achieve your scheduling needs when painting your home or project’s exterior. However, exterior painting can be limited due to weather conditions, depending on the season.

When estimating and painting exterior projects, it is crucial to know the effects of certain weather conditions on an exterior paint job. When preparing an estimate for an exterior painting project, it is equally essential to identify prior damages due to the elements.

Identifying these areas during the estimating process helps set attainable expectations. We work hard to locate any damaged areas and make sure they are addressed on your exterior painting estimate. If we discover any hidden damage during the exterior painting process, we are quick to notify the owner. This ensures that repairs can be made before completion to achieve an excellent exterior paint job.

With nearly 2 decades of experience and hundreds of exterior painting projects completed, we pride ourselves on being thorough, preventative, reliable, and friendly. We excel at finding solutions for all the seen and unforeseen challenges of exterior painting.

Our Recommended Exterior Paint Products by Sherwin-Williams

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We want to give you additional information about some of our exterior paint products. We have Super Paint, which includes a 5-year labor warranty with a 25-year material warranty backed by Sherwin-Williams. We also have Emerald, which includes a 10-year labor warranty and a Lifetime material warranty backed by Sherwin-Williams. We can also use different exterior paint manufacturers if you prefer. But we typically use Sherwin-Williams because they are the largest paint manufacturer in the world.

We offer exterior paint services in Lafayette, Broomfield, Arvada, Boulder, Louisville, and across the Front Range of Colorado.

Some important points we focus on


We know that choosing a contractor means being confident that the services quoted will be delivered, not only with the highest quality but also in a timely and professional manner. Basically, reliability means doing what was promised, and we always do what we promise!


All of our work is done by experienced professionals with the highest quality materials and equipment. Our painting crews are trained to meet and exceed all established painting industry quality standards. Our exterior paint products come with warranties up to 25 years. The job is not complete until the customer signs off on the result.


We have a high value for integrity when dealing with our customers, vendors, and painting crews. We strive to always do what we say. If we discover a problem or mistake made, we act promptly to correct it with transparent communication. We treasure our good reputation and proudly stand behind all of our work, so you can have complete confidence in the trust you place in us.

Whether you need a multi-story structure painted or want to freshen up your home’s exterior, look no further than Robinson Painting of Colorado LLC for a great-looking, long-lasting exterior paint job! Call us today. You will be glad you did – guaranteed!

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