Reasons To Call An Interior Painting Service Before Selling Your Home

Oct 21, 2020 | Painting Contractor

Reasons to call an interior painting service before selling your home:

Wondering if you need to call an interior painting service before listing your home for sale? Read on to see why painting the interior of your home can provide you with a significant ROI and why hiring professionals to do the job can make all the difference.

Putting your home up for sale is one of the most emotional endeavors you can undertake in your life. When you factor in all of the things involved in the process, it makes sense. A house is probably one of the largest financial investments you’ve made. A lot of money is on the line. You may even risk your home staying listed on the market for a while or the heartbreaking instance of your home not selling for the amount you estimated it would.

To help reduce this risk, most real estate agents will advise you to price smartly and select the right time to sell. However, there are other steps that you can take to help improve the price and speed that your home sells at.

The Importance of Investing In Interior Painting

One of the easiest ways to transform your home is with a coat of paint. Painting your home can be very advantageous when selling, and there are numbers to prove it. In 2018, Zillow looked at 135,000 photos of old homes across the country to see how paint colors impacted property sales. They found that homes with a dark door could sell for over $6,000 more than expected.

The power of a coat of paint also extends to the interior of your home. Think about it. The entrance of your home creates the first impression for buyers. While a nice doorway can attract eyes to your door and pique curiosity, what they see when they step inside is what will sustain their interest. Buyers can react to your house within the first few minutes of seeing the interior. A fresh coat of interior wall paint can go a long way.

The Best Interior Paint Colors For Resale Value

If you want to find the perfect color, Zillow captured some interesting insights about how interior paint colors could affect your home’s resale value. They found that cool and neutral wall colors are popular with buyers. Light blue bathrooms and taupe-colored living rooms were found in homes that sold for higher prices. In contrast, they found homes with dark red- or brown-colored walls sold for as much as $2,310 less than expected.

Most experienced real estate agents will tell you something similar. Realtors will often recommend neutral colors such as beige, gray, sand, and off-white as they resonate with a wider range of potential buyers. When upgrading your home, the goal should always be to appeal to the most number of buyers possible, and that’s why neutral colors make such a solid choice.

Another option if you are looking for a classic look is white. White is a timeless color and can help potential buyers see themselves in the house for years and years to come.

While whites and neutral colors might seem like boring choices for interior spaces, they create exciting opportunities to showcase some color through your furniture, paintings, and décor. These pieces will be sure to stand out with a white or neutral background in an eye-catching manner.

Using A Professional Interior Painting Service Can Make A Difference

It might be tempting to try saving money by doing your interior paint jobs yourself. However, there are several advantages to hiring professional painters, especially when it comes to something as important as selling your house.

1) A High-Quality Finish

The biggest benefit of hiring a professional painter is the quality of the finished product. A professional with years of expertise will know the preparation involved with painting. They will take the time to prepare surfaces, including removing old paint, filling in holes, and sandpapering uneven areas. Taking this care will help the paint adhere properly and help the work last longer.

2) Expert Knowledge And Vendor Benefits

Do you know where you can buy the best quality paint at the lowest prices in Boulder, Louisville, or Broomfield? It might take you quite some time and effort to figure out the answer. However, an interior painting service in Boulder will know all the rules about painting in this area. It will have built relationships with local paint and home improvement businesses to secure quality products at better rates.

3) Save Your Time

Suppose you are looking to sell your house. In that case, you probably have a lot on your to-do list between potential renovations, finding a realtor, and lining up a new place to live. Using interior painting services, you can avoid the preparation, painting, and cleanup, saving your time for other tasks at hand.

Select a Reliable Painting Contractor

When it comes to something as important as preparing your home to be sold, you don’t want to select an inexperienced or flaky contractor. At Robinson Painting, we know that it is crucial to be reliable and consistent when completing an interior paint job. We always do what we promise!

As a part of our approach to painting, we would be happy to provide a detailed painting estimate for your project for free. Contact us today!

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