The Ultimate Guide to Interior Painting Services in Colorado

Sep 16, 2021 | Home Improvement, Painting Contractor

The Ultimate Guide to Interior Painting Services in Colorado: Here’s a challenge! Pick a room in your house that you haven’t painted in a long time. Then, stand in the middle of it, and look around at the walls, trim, and ceiling. Do you love the color, or is it just “meh”?

Look around at your decor and think of several wall colors that would enhance the decor. Then, try to envision each of them in that room. You might follow up by looking online for examples of rooms with those wall colors. Feeling inspired yet? It might be time for a paint and color update to breathe new life into your house.

A fresh interior paint job can instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your house, making it look sparkling fresh while increasing your home’s value. Because of this, countless homeowners take on weekend DIY projects to refresh their kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Interior Painting Services in Colorado

Our team at Robinson Painting of Colorado knows that a DIY interior painting job can get complicated quickly, though. Finding the perfect shade, choosing between sheens, and preparing your surfaces for a new paint color can take far longer than you would expect. Unfortunately, many ambitious homeowners start a DIY home painting project and then get weary of it before they finish.

At the same time, finding reliable interior house painting services isn’t always easy.

We created this guide to simplify the interior house painting process and share our expert painters’ best tips and tricks to achieve an excellent job every time.

The 5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Interior Paint Job

Many homeowners think that painting their ceilings, doors, or accent wall seems easy. All you have to do is put paint on a wall, right?

Not exactly. While it’s not the most complicated home project, painting isn’t quite that simple. So before you and your assistant, interior house painters begin the project, you should consider five critical aspects of a flawless paint job.

1. Choose a Paint Sheen

When choosing paint, take extra care to select the best finish for your space. Also known as “sheen,” the finish can have a significant impact on the final result.

Typically, homeowners choose between satin, gloss, flat, and eggshell finishes. Many use gloss or satin finishes in busy areas. The lustrous glazes hold up well in high-traffic kitchens, hallways, and living rooms where they resist stains, and you can easily clean them.

However, they do emphasize imperfections, including errant brushstrokes, patches, and warped drywall.

On the other hand, flat and matte paints won’t highlight flaws, but they often don’t hold up against regular cleaning or staining.

2. Seek Out Unexpected Colors

Bright, vivid colors or calming hues can add a pop of texture and depth to a room. But, at the same time, colors can impact the area’s mood–and your mood. For example, using red in the kitchen increases energy and hunger, while soothing blue works well in bedrooms and bathrooms.

3. Sample Paint Colors

Whether you’re planning to stick with a traditional tone or experiment with your favorite color, purchase a few sample containers and paint some sample patches before committing to a shade. While sampling paint colors requires an extra step, you’ll feel more confident in your choice and avoid unexpected outcomes. Also, until you see the dried paint on your wall with the lighting in your home, it’s hard to tell what it will look like in the final rendering.

4. Prep Your Walls

Before you begin your job, make sure that your surfaces are clean and smooth. Patch holes, use a cleaning solution to remove dust, grime, and oil, and tape off trim and door frames to minimize touch-ups.

5. Partner with Expert Professional Painters

Finally, partnering with experienced interior painters like those on our crew at Robinson Painting of Colorado is the best way to ensure that your home’s interior gets a flawless facelift.

Our team has the training and expertise to take on interior and exterior projects of all types while providing unmatched care and attention to detail. We’ll work with you from start to finish, helping you choose the best paint for your project and customizing your finish to suit your taste.

Benefits of an Interior Painting Project

Hiring painting professionals to create an accent wall or update your entire interior has countless benefits, including:

1. Increased Home Value

A fresh coat of paint in your interior spaces may require an initial investment, but you can count on an average ROI of 107% and more than a $2,000 increase in home value.

In addition, potential buyers will immediately notice a new coat of paint, increasing interest and helping your property stand out from other homes.

When you consider the ROI, the cost of a paint job may not seem prohibitive. Most painters charge by the square foot.

2. Added Protection

You know that painting your interiors can improve the look and feel of your home. However, a fresh coat of color can also help prevent moisture damage. Paint seals your walls and prevents water from entering the porous surfaces of your house, reducing the risk of mold and mildew.

3. Improved Air Quality

Many modern paint manufacturers produce paint products with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are substances that transform into toxic vapors, causing health problems, respiratory issues, and environmental concerns.

Paints without VOCs can help improve the air quality in your house. Further, fresh paint fights dust and allergens, resulting in happier, healthier home residents.

Interior House Painting Services from Robinson Painting of Colorado

At Robinson Painting of Colorado, we specialize in high-quality interior painting services to suit every taste and style. So whether you’re interested in ceiling painting or want your entire house painted, our staff will work with you to capture your vision and elevate your interiors.

Before we provide you with an estimate and sign a contract, our staff will carefully examine your home. First, we’ll check for damage, estimate the square footage of your space, and consider the prep work required to start painting. Then, we’ll review the scope of the project before determining a reliable quote.

Our team will arrive early on the first day of the job and help prepare your space for painting. Then, to ensure a timely finish and extraordinary results, we’ll follow our streamlined five-step process as follows.

1. Prep the Space

Our team will carefully cover any furniture, decor, or architectural features in your house to prevent staining or splattering. We’ll move furniture to the center of the room to improve mobility. In addition, we’ll place drop cloths throughout your house to keep your floors spotless while we work.

2. Clean the Surfaces

Before we begin painting, our team will wipe down each wall and remove dirt, grime, or grease with a cleaning solvent.

3. Repair Damage

Like an exterior paint project, many interiors require careful examination and minor repairs before we begin painting. We’ll fill in cracks and holes, use a sanding block to remove uneven patches, and use caulk around windows, doors, and baseboards.

4. Paint the Walls

Next, we’ll apply a single coat of primer to your walls and ceilings, followed by one or two coats of your preferred paint color.

After we’ve painted your house, we’ll allow the paint to dry before checking for even coverage. In the meantime, we can paint the room’s ceilings, shelves, windows, or other design features.

5. Clean Up and Walk-Through

After our interior home painters complete your project, we’ll carefully clean the worksite. Our team will replace your furniture, uncover fixtures, and dispose of any trash or leftover paint.

Finally, we’ll schedule a convenient walk-through so you can examine our work. Once you’re completely satisfied, our painters will remove their equipment and leave your freshly painted house looking better than we found it.

Robinson Painting of Colorado: Expert Interior Residential Painters in Colorado

At Robinson Painting of Colorado, we know that a painting job inside your home can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the right crew at your side. However, if you’re ready to update the look and feel of your house, you can count on us.

Our experienced, licensed, and insured staff will work with you to capture your vision and transform your living spaces. In addition, we’ll help you select the perfect paint color and sheen to suit your home.

For more information on our painting services or to schedule a consultation, contact our Robinson Painting of Colorado crew today at 866-528-8938.


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