Are You Looking for Professional Painters in Colorado?

Sep 1, 2023 | Home Improvement, Painting Contractor

Updated: 09/01/2023.

Are You Looking for Professional Painters in Colorado?

Have you imagined an update to your home’s outward appearance? Does it need a fresh coat of paint to brighten it up and make it stand out? Have you been thinking of a new color palette you might like to try for your siding and trim?

Before the weather turns cold along the Front Range of the Rockies is the perfect time to paint the exterior of your home. Crisp, updated paint can revitalize both the interior and exterior of your home, improve your curb appeal, and even raise your home value by thousands of dollars.

Our expert painters at Robinson Painting of Colorado know that taking on a paint project, hiring contractors, and sourcing materials can be challenging.

We created this guide to help make the process easier. No matter whether your home is in desperate need of a facelift or if you’re ready for a change, you’ll find everything you need to know about hiring painters in Colorado.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Painting Contractors in Colorado

Many homeowners believe that painting is a relatively simple home improvement project. It is true that DIY paint jobs have advantages and can be fun if you have the stamina to finish them and the know-how to do them well. Still, hiring a professional interior painting contractor comes with several benefits as well, including:

1. Speed

Residential painters typically work with a crew of at least three experienced painters. As a result, the team can complete large interior or exterior paint jobs significantly faster than you could if you were working alone.

Further, painting crews don’t have to juggle work, school drop-offs and pick-ups, family meals, and other daily obligations. Instead, they’ll start early and may even finish sooner than you’d imagined, allowing you to enjoy a completed project in record time.

2. Quality

Painting isn’t overly complicated, but it does require characteristics like patience and attention to detail. Even so, most homeowners don’t have the skills or expertise necessary to ensure that their work will look great and last for years to come.

On the other hand, trained painters like our crew at Robinson Painting of Colorado have years of experience ensuring that your paint won’t peel, bubble, or allow moisture to creep in. We know all the little secrets about avoiding messy edges and how to cut in the trim. There’s a reason we’re professionals.

3. Durability

Finally, professional contractors can help your paint job withstand everything the weather (or your kids and pets) throws at it. At Robinson Painting, our professional house painters begin each project with an inspection and careful surface preparation that includes:

  • Stripping old paint
  • Removing peeling paint
  • Fixing loose stucco
  • Repairing drywall
  • Sanding or patching drywall
  • Cleaning walls with a solvent cleaner
  • Priming walls
  • Applying two coats of interior paints

Our process requires more time than merely applying a coat or two of paint. However, going the extra mile allows us to guarantee our work – and your satisfaction with a job done right.

What to Consider Before Hiring Painters for Your Next Painting Project

Hiring a trained, experienced, and equipped painter isn’t always easy despite the number of Colorado’s painting and general contractor companies. Before signing a contract or handing over a hefty down payment, consider critical factors such as the following.


Many homeowners turn to friends, family, or co-workers for painter referrals. You can also request the name of a reliable contractor from your realtor or a local hardware store. Don’t forget to provide details about your project to ensure that the contractor is up to the task and obtain two or three quotes from different companies before choosing the best option for your project.

Company Reviews

Online reviews can play a significant role in the decision-making process. For example, many companies share user testimonials on their websites, while others are available on third-party sites like Google Reviews, Facebook, or the Better Business Bureau.

For example, our team at Robinson Painting has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of 5-star Google reviews. Further, our company won the “Best of 2020” Best Painters in Lafayette, CO, award, thanks to our reliable services and unparalleled customer care. We are a team of professional painters in Colorado you can count on to do the job right.

Project Satisfaction Guarantees

High-quality paint jobs require more than a few gallons of paint and a roll of masking tape. Therefore, each project should begin with a considerable amount of prep work – and a satisfaction guarantee, like our ten-year warranty at Robinson Painting of Colorado. If a company doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee, it could be a potential red flag.

Paint Costs & Paint Job Estimates

Paint cost varies from company to company. However, most painters charge between $2 and $6 per square foot for interior walls and roughly $30 for one gallon of paint. A labor cost might range from $2 to $5 per square foot as well. You can measure the rooms you need to paint to calculate how many square feet you have so you can estimate the painters’ charge.

Remember that specialty projects, exterior jobs, location, demand, and other factors can influence the price. Before hiring a team, we highly recommend contacting one or two other local companies to get a comparable idea of interior painting costs per square foot in your area.

Professional Painter Services at Robinson Painting of Colorado

At Robinson Painting of Colorado, we know that house painting projects are more than a job. They represent an investment in your home and the life you’re building. With this in mind, our well-trained house painter crews have spent nearly two decades providing unparalleled painting services, including the following.

Interior Home Painting in Colorado

Are you ready to update your interior with a fresh coat of new paint? We can help. We’ve got years of experience painting walls, trim, doors, and every nook, cranny, and accent wall in your home.

Our team will work with you from start to finish to choose the right paint for your project. We’ll even help you determine how much paint you’ll need, helping you save money and avoid buying excess paint.

We use only the best latex paint, oil-based paints, and glossier paints. We can also provide textured paint. Most importantly, we back each project with a ten-year labor warranty and a 25-year material warranty through Sherwin-Williams.

Exterior Home Paint Projects in Colorado

Our independent contractors at Robinson Painting of Colorado know that professionally applied paint can completely transform your home’s exterior. So whether you want to update your family home or personalize new construction, we’ll work with you to source the best paint, trim, and other supplies to help your house exterior withstand the cold Colorado winters.

Commercial Painters in Colorado

At Robinson Painting, our team of professional painters in Colorado has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to take on large commercial projects ranging from apartment complexes to office buildings, warehouses, garages, and more.

Robinson Painting of Colorado: Your “Professional Painters Near Me

Our award-winning team of painting contractors at Robinson Painting of Colorado is committed to providing extraordinary paint jobs at an unbelievable price. We’ll partner with you from start to finish and won’t leave the site until you’re fully satisfied with our work. Most importantly, we guarantee each project and back up our skills with a ten-year labor warranty.

For more information or to request an estimate for an interior or exterior project, please contact our team at Robinson Painting of Colorado today at 866-528-8938. Our service area includes the Greater Denver Area extending up the Front Range to Boulder, Lafayette, and Golden.

Updated: 09/01/2023.


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