Cabinet Painting Services in the Front Range, Colorado

Cabinet Painting Services: Painting is the most affordable way to update your cabinets when your home needs an upgrade. The process gives your space a new look and style without breaking the bank. A small investment can provide much-needed luster and sheen to your home and improve its value if you decide to sell.

At Robinson Painting of Colorado, we offer top-of-the-line cabinet painting services in the Front Range. Our team has the skill and expertise to refinish or repaint your cabinets fast without compromising on quality. We’ll also save you the time and money you might spend on cabinet refacing or replacement.

High-Quality Cabinet Painting Services in Your Area

When people need cabinet painting services in the Front Range, they contact Robinson Painting of Colorado. We have years of experience delivering lasting paint jobs that offer value and visual appeal to homes. Our team works with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We use these the six stages to deliver the best cabinet painting services in the Front Range:

  • Preparation and detail, which can include filling in cracks in the cabinets
  • Removing dust and debris from the surface
  • Applying the finish
  • Adding a protective finish
  • Performing a visual inspection
  • Providing you with maintenance instructions and tips

Cost of Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Services in the Front Range, CO

The cost of cabinet work is variable. It depends on a range of factors, including the type of wood and project size. As for what you can expect to pay for cabinet painting services, please reach out to us for your free estimate. You have nothing to lose if you decide not to choose our services.

We want our cabinet painting services offering to be worth your investment. That’s why we strive to provide the best professional cabinet prep and repaint work in the Front Range area. While you can save money if you take on the project yourself, the time-value of money is also a critical factor in favor of going with a professional cabinet painting contractor in your area.

Cabinet Refinishing in the Front Range

Refinishing offers a simple yet effective way to add visual flair to your home interior. We leave your cabinet’s core components in place and change the exterior color. After sanding the existing finish, we apply a fresh coat of paint that fits your desired aesthetic.

Refinishing allows you to accentuate the grain of the cabinet surface. The stain preserves the natural appearance and texture, protecting your cabinets from sunshine and stains. It also guarantees that you have a cohesive look among your cabinets and interior décor.

Cabinet Repainting in the Front Range

At Robinson Painting of Colorado, we come across our fair share of faulty cabinet paint jobs. Some people forget to clean the surface with a grease remover, while others leave the drawers in place when applying the paint. As a result, you get chips, bubbles, and premature signs of wear.

We can fix all of these problems and more. Our knowledgeable and friendly painting staff takes the time to wipe down and apply clean layers of fresh paint. We take pride in providing you with the ultra-smooth finish you want at a price you love.

Talk to the professionals at Robinson Painting of Colorado when you call and tell us how we can help improve your cabinets.

In the end, if you decide to tackle the project yourself, then be sure to check our latest blog article on how to prep and paint your kitchen cabinets.

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Updated: 09/09/2023


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