Colorado Springs Painters: Home Painting Services

Colorado Springs Painters: Home Painting Services

Few design elements bring a home together like a fresh coat of paint. Do you need a professional paint job to start a new life in a new home or perhaps wish to liven up an old, faded room? We can help you!

At Robinson Painting of Colorado, LLC, we employ the most well-trained painters who can transform and beautify your space.

Our professional painters in Colorado Springs, CO, provide residential and commercial painting services to home and business owners, including interior painting, exterior painting, and more. We strive to bring beauty and style to every property we visit.

Call us to speak with a member of our friendly team, and keep reading to learn more about our exceptional services.

Professional House Painting Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Exterior Remodeling Projects - Front Porch

Exterior Deck and Front Porch Repaint

As a full-service painting company with over 20 years of experience in the painting industry, Robinson Painting provides home and commercial property owners with a wide array of high-quality home improvement services, from interior and exterior painting to drywall repair. Our house painting professionals possess the technical knowledge and skills to ensure a fabulous finished product every time.

Our expert residential and professional painting services include:

Interior Painting: Commercial and In-Home Services

Taking a weekend to paint walls in your home may feel like a DIY you can accomplish, but nothing quite compares to the work of a professional painter. As your trusted Colorado Springs painting company, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations with our personalized, high-quality work.

Our local painters use only the highest quality products and materials to ensure an excellent job and outstanding service each time we work on residential and commercial properties.

Additionally, suppose your commercial or residential interior requires drywall installation or drywall repairs before painting. In that case, our painting contractors can handle that, too, as part of our prep work to guarantee a perfect final product.

Before we begin our interior services, we’ll meet with you to discuss the project details, the areas you want us to paint, and how we can help you create the space of your dreams. Once we have a clear understanding of the job, we’ll draft a timeline and price estimate and work with you to devise a project plan that suits your needs, schedule, and budget.

At Robinson Painting, we provide stunning interior painting to enhance every aspect of your home, from kitchen cabinets to the dining room to bedrooms. No other Colorado Springs painting company can transform your home and guarantee a fantastic job every time like our expert painters.

Exterior Painting: Commercial and Residential Services

Interior Home Repaint Living Area

Interior Home Repaint for Living Area

Summer thunderstorms, winter blizzards, and year-round sun exposure can cause wear and tear on Colorado Springs home exteriors. At Robinson Painting, we use only the highest-quality paint to ensure a long-lasting, weather-resistant exterior paint transformation.

From residential painting to commercial painting, our experts can help you increase property value and curb appeal. If your home or business exterior surfaces require repairs or touch-ups, don’t let that stop you from starting your project. Our painters provide various home improvement services for exterior house painting, including:

  • Trim and siding repair
  • Priming and restoration of previously painted walls
  • Restoration of damaged areas
  • Deck repair

As the best painters in Colorado Springs, our team also provides expert services to restore and transform other exterior features of your home, such as decks, fences, and garage doors.

Despite the occasional thunderstorm and snow, Colorado Springs enjoys year-round sunshine, and homeowners deserve a beautiful space to gather with family and guests when the weather permits. Our team at Robinson Painting provides deck staining and detailed exterior paint services to upgrade your outdoor living spaces and help you create the gorgeous home you desire.

Color Consultation

You know your style and vision better than anyone, but choosing the right color scheme for your home or business may feel complicated. We can save you the stress of poring over dozens of shades. With so many beautifully painted homes and businesses under our belt, we can provide a personalized color consultation to help you choose the appropriate colors for your property.

In addition, we use only the best materials to protect the integrity of your home or business, your health, and the environment. Our team selects paints with low VOC levels to ensure your safety while delivering the best results. In contrast, many industry-grade paints contain volatile organic compounds to help the paint maintain consistency and coat surfaces better.

Thorough Cleanup

A brand new paint job can elevate the design of your home or business, but such a large project may disrupt your daily routine. As your trusted Colorado Springs painting company, our Robinson Painting team will respect your space and belongings, taking great care not to disturb any furniture or personal items or disrupt your work.

When our painters complete their work, we thoroughly clean up after ourselves to leave no trace—save for the stunning paint job.

How Much Does Interior and Exterior Painting Cost in Colorado Springs?

Unlike other home improvement projects, which may have a more consistent price range, the cost of a paint job will vary significantly due to a few key factors. These factors include:

  • House or business property size
  • Cost of materials
  • Labor costs
  • Repair or restoration needs

Our painters will work with you to provide an accurate, transparent estimate for your project. This estimate will include the materials we’ll use, the approximate duration of the project, and the cost of any additional repairs. We won’t move forward without your enthusiastic approval.

Why Choose Robinson Painting for Commercial Painting Services?

Choosing the right painting business for your upcoming project may feel like a hard decision. Your commercial property is one of your most significant investments, and the professionals tasked with transforming your space must understand your vision.

At Robinson Painting, with years of experience, a wealth of technical and artistic knowledge, and a passion for outstanding customer service, our team proudly serves business owners in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

When you work with us to complete your painting project, we guarantee:

  • Transparency
  • Consistent communication
  • High-quality customer service
  • Five-to-ten year warranties
  • Free estimates
  • Various payment options
  • Exceptional service

To secure the best result for our customers, our team closely follows updates in the industry regarding changes in paint products and development. Likewise, we strive to keep a finger on the pulse of the building improvement needs in our community to adjust our practices accordingly and serve as local painting leaders.

Experienced Painters in Colorado Springs, CO

At Robinson Painting, we provide comprehensive painting and related services to customers in and around Colorado Springs. As a licensed, fully insured painting company with many years of experience in the industry, we guarantee stunning, long-lasting paint jobs that will elevate the beauty of your property.

Your satisfaction remains our top priority. With multi-year warranties, several payment options, and top-notch customer service, we will support you at every step, simplifying the painting process and helping you bring your vision to life.

If you’d like to work with the best painting contractors on this side of the Rocky Mountains, look no further. Contact our friendly, experienced painters at Robinson Painting of Colorado serving Colorado Springs by requesting an estimate today!

Updated: 13/09/2023


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