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Are the colors on your house’s exterior starting to fade? Is the paint peeling off your walls? Maybe it’s time for a home makeover! Our professional team of expert painters at Robinson Painting LLC provides superior painting services to residents and commercial business owners in Erie, Colorado, and throughout the Front Range: including Canyon Creek, Vista Ridge, and Erie Commons.

Whether you need interior or exterior house painting services, we’ll help bring your vision to life. If you can’t decide on a color, we can help with that, too.

At Robinson Painting, we always put the customer first. We make sure to understand your expectations so that you’re happy with our services.

Call us at 866-528-8902 for a free estimate for your next painting project. Ask about our payment plans and multi-year warranties, too.

Hassle-Free Commercial and Residential Painting Services in Erie, CO

Our skilled artisans at Robinson Painting provide long-lasting coats of paint to each client’s specifications. We’re a full-service contracting company offering numerous professional services, including:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Cabinet painting
  • Fences and decks
  • Sheetrock and wood repairs
  • Pressure washing
  • Color selection consultation

Our glowing reputation rests on a foundation of high-quality work, outstanding customer service, and unrelenting professionalism. Robinson Painting is one of the leading painting contractors in Colorado, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We strive to deliver exceptional services, which has earned us many loyal customers on the Front Range. Our knowledge, communication, and attention to detail set us apart from other professional painting companies.

When we take a job, we’ll stick to the original estimate and always ask for approval before going over the agreed price. We’ll only make these suggestions to ensure you get the best results from our painting services.

During the work, we’ll take every care to create a flawless finish without disturbing your home and belongings. We’ll be cautious so as not to damage furniture, plants, or other items. Our painters will clean up after every shift so that the disruption to your home will be minimal, even when the project is ongoing.

The Benefits of Choosing Robinson Painting LLC

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If you’re wondering why Robinson Painting LLC is the best painting company in Colorado, check out the Erie, Colorado, painting services we provide:

  • No upfront payments
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • A fully licensed and insured company
  • A family-owned business
  • Five to ten-year warranties
  • Multiple payment options
  • Free project estimate
  • Quality customer service

Our painters are highly skilled and experienced, with the capabilities to take on various custom projects for residential and commercial clients. We take extra care to prep each surface before we start painting, making minor repairs so that your fresh coat will last as long as possible.

If you find any peeling, blistering, or chipping after our services, we’ll perform the repairs for free according to our warranty. We also offer regular maintenance to keep your paint job looking sharp throughout the year. If the Colorado climate eats away at your exterior paint, we’ll make minor repairs and touch-ups to make it look new again.

We consistently stay up-to-date on product changes and developments in the painting industry to maintain our reputation as one of the top painting companies in the state. Our team focuses on continuous improvement to provide the best professional painting services in Erie and the nearby communities.

Robinson Painting is a family-owned business, a culmination of three generations of exceptional painting services. We have in-depth knowledge of the local industry, allowing us to provide outstanding paintwork with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption to your home or business.

Home Interior Painting, Erie, CO

Bathroom - Paint Colors for Rental Property

Painting a room or two in your house seems easy enough, but it’s hard work in practice. If you want to liven up your space without having to worry about color-matching, clean lines, or spillage, be sure to work with a professional Colorado painting company like Robinson Painting LLC.

Planning and Estimate

We seek to exceed our customers’ expectations for every project, but first, we must find out what they are. Before we work on the interior painting of your home, we’ll arrange a meeting to inspect the location and work out the details. We want to know what ideas you have in mind, including which colors you prefer, so we can help create the space of your dreams.

Once we know the various aspects of the job, we’ll provide a detailed estimate that outlines the costs and timeline. If you decide to accept, we’ll assign a team of qualified house painters and schedule the project dates that work best for you.

Preparation and Repairs

We’ll prepare the walls or kitchen cabinets for primer and paint for your new interior while protecting furniture, fixtures, and other items. We’ll replace old caulking with fresh caulking, remove wallpaper, and sand down the walls to ensure that we paint over a smooth surface for a clean result.

The work involved in preparation will appear on your estimate, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. Surface preparation is essential for quality painting services. Any cracks, holes, or peeling on the walls will hurt the final appearance. If necessary, we can provide these minor repairs before adding any primer or paint.

Paint and Equipment

If you’ve ever taken on a painting project on your own, you probably know how tricky it can be to reach high ceilings, stairways, and wall trims without the proper equipment. Our painters come equipped with extendable rollers and brushes, masking tape, and other helpful painting tools that make it easy to reach those awkward spots in your home.

Besides our tools, we also bring our highest quality materials, including paints. High-quality paint can make a massive difference in appearance and longevity, and we want to ensure that your house stays beautiful for as long as possible before you need to add a fresh coat.

Disruption-Free Services

Having contractors in and out of your home can disrupt your daily routine. At Robinson Painting, we want to ensure that every customer is happy with our Erie, Colorado, painting services, so we always clean up before we leave at the end of the day.

After the completed project, we’ll leave your house exactly as it was, but with a new, beautiful coat of paint.

Home Exterior Painting, Erie, CO

Erie Colorado Painters Exterior

Giving the exterior of your house a new paint job will completely transform the look of your home. It should enhance the curb appeal and even increase the property value. We recommend getting a fresh coat on your exterior every five to ten years to keep your home looking new, whether it’s ten or a hundred years old.

Painting the exterior of a house is more complicated than doing the interior, but we can guide you throughout the process.

Project Details and Estimate

When you request a quote for your Erie, Denver, or Boulder home, we’ll contact you to schedule a meeting at the site. We’ll discuss the work, your expectations, and any concerns you may have about the job.

Our estimates are completely transparent. We’ll list the paint types, the start and end date, and any repairs or additional work we need to do. Any work we need to do outside the estimate won’t go forward without your approval.

If you agree with our quote, you can set a start date with our team lead, who will also be your point of contact during the project.

Exterior House Painting Services

We offer a range of professional painting services for the exterior of your home, including:

  • Trim and siding inspection and repair
  • Paint removal
  • Full property protection
  • Assessment and restoration of problem areas
  • Post-project cleanup

At Robinson Painting LLC, we have an absolute dedication to high-quality results, and we’ve achieved them with hundreds of homeowners. We’ll use our skills, knowledge, and attention to detail to provide an amazing transformation for your home. We strive to give Colorado homeowners a house they can be proud of for a fair price.

New Home Painting in Erie, CO

Erie is an up-and-coming city with rapid residential growth. New builds typically come with limited color options for the interior and exterior of the house. We can help you add your style to your new home to make it your own. Our team can assist with color selection if you’re unsure which color would fit your house.

If your new house is in an HOA-controlled community, don’t worry. We’ve worked with many homeowners in HOA neighborhoods throughout northern Colorado, and we have a selection of pre-approved colors from the Sherwin Williams archive.

Weather Concerns in Erie, CO

Northern Colorado has a harsh climate that can sometimes do a number on the exterior of your home without the proper protection. Erie, CO, is relatively high altitude, meaning that your house is more susceptible to solar damage. Sun exposure causes paint to peel and fade over time, leading to the need for frequent touch-ups.

Our painters know how to prep the exterior surface and use high-quality paint to preserve the appearance of your home. These steps will also help with the brutal winters when ice and snow wreak havoc on your home’s outside walls and fixtures. Investing in specialty coatings prevents you from constantly repainting your home to maintain its character.

Commercial Painting Services, Erie, CO

If the painted walls of your commercial property start to fade or show damage, customers are less likely to patronize your business. Whether you’re redoing your interior or want to freshen up the outside of your business, Robinson Painting LLC can provide a free quote for your painting project.

Commercial painting requires particular knowledge compared to residential jobs, so we have dedicated teams for these Erie, Colorado, painting services. Our team of commercial painters specializes in revitalizing office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, and more. We’ll provide professional solutions that will make your building a more attractive place to visit.

Disruption-Free Painting Process

We know how important it is to your business to create as little of a disturbance as possible during the project. We’ll discuss the work details with business owners and agree on a plan that causes minimal disruption while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship.

Per customer requirements, our commercial painting team uses either No-VOC or low-VOC paints that quickly dry and leave no lingering fumes to bother customers or employees. We’ll complete the work quickly and effectively so that you can return to normal operations as soon as possible.

With our expertise, quality materials, and specialized equipment, we’ll give your business a stunning makeover that will impress new and old customers.

Project Completion

We don’t run off once the job is complete. You and our team will do a walk-through on the site so you can inspect our work and express any concerns or issues. We don’t consider the project over until you’re happy with the result.

If any problems, like blistering or peeling, pop up sometime after we finish the painting project, we’ll return to make the repairs. We always use the best quality paint for your business, but if issues occur, our warranty covers any work we must do to fix it.

Professional Painters Near Me in Erie, CO

Robinson Painting LLC is a full-service paint contracting company specializing in Colorado’s residential and commercial painting projects. Our team dedicates itself to creating beautiful, long-lasting results, whether we’re painting your home’s or business’s interior or exterior.

We’re a licensed and fully insured company that offers a range of painting services, multi-year warranties, and various payment options for our clients. We put customer service first because your satisfaction is our top priority.

If you’re interested in finding the best Erie, Colorado painting services, choose us for your next project! Contact our Robinson Painting team today at 866-528-8902 for a free quote.


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