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Finding the perfect painting company for your house can be a challenge. Almost every other contractor promises excellent service at incredible prices, but few Boulder, Colorado, house painters meet homeowners’ expectations.

At Robinson Painting, we are a team of dedicated painters in Boulder, Colorado. We are locally owned and operated, specializing in interior and exterior painting for commercial and residential buildings. As a serious painting business, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an extensive range of high-quality painting services.

Our Customer-Centric Approach for Boulder, CO Residents

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The first step of any project with our painters in Boulder is the bidding process. The customer starts this process when they request an estimate for a job from a company.

We’ll often schedule a meeting with our customers on location at their house or commercial property in Boulder, CO. On arrival, we will inspect the building for potential issues or concerns to ensure we can meet the customer’s home painting requirements. We also encourage customers to ask our painters questions or raise concerns about any aspect of the job or our business.

We will take the time to understand your needs and expectations fully.

Our Business Process

  1. Once we know what you want, we’ll provide you with a detailed painting estimate outlining costs, time frames, and any potential repair or prep work our house painters need.
  2. If you accept the estimate, we’ll schedule a starting time that works for you.
  3. Once our house painters start the project, the crew will continue until they complete the job to your satisfaction.

Whether our crew is painting a single room in a house or an entire commercial block, we take every job seriously. Throughout the project, we’ll contact you with regular updates and any updates on deadlines or additional work, if necessary.

While we strive to keep to the original estimate, some circumstances may force a course adjustment to ensure you get the best results with minimal disruption. As good business practice dictates, we’ll inform you and get your approval in advance.

Painting Preparation

As part of our painting service, our painters will prepare the walls before laying on the first player of paint. Correct preparation ensures an even, long-lasting finish and extended lifespan. We’ll protect your furniture, fixtures, plants, and vulnerable items. At the same time, we work, and our painters clean up after every shift to minimize the disruption to your house or business property.

In our quest to be the best painting company in Boulder, CO, we place a lot of emphasis on customer service. After completing a project, we’ll conduct a thorough house walk-through. During the walk-through, we allow you to note any potential issues about the painted surfaces before signing off. We’ll only consider a job complete once you’re 100% satisfied with our work.

Interior House Painting by Professional Painters in Boulder, CO

Changing the color of a room can completely transform its character without costing a lot of money. It’s a quick makeover that can improve your home’s property value or provide a change from your usual style.

Boulder Painters - Interior

Many homeowners view painting a room or two as a fun weekend DIY project. Unfortunately, it’s a project that often loses its appeal shortly after you apply the first few paint brushes when you realize that you’ve chosen the wrong color or finish for your room. Or you may find that getting clean lines on doors and window panes is tricker than you expected!

That’s why, at Robinson Painting, we recommend working with a professional painting company, even for minor interior projects. We believe in providing high-quality, professional painting services at affordable prices so we can make your interior design dream a reality. If you’re dreading painting over a wall multiple times, our painters will do all the hard work while you enjoy the fruits of our expertise.

Reasons to Work with Our Professional Painting Contractors in Boulder, CO

In addition to making your life easier, what are some other reasons to hire a team of painters for interior painting in Boulder, CO?

The first reason is that our painting contractors know how to prepare surfaces correctly. Improper surface preparation can lead to cracks, peeling, and poor-quality results. Our painting crew will identify potential surface issues, such as peeling paint, holes, and cracks, and fix them before even laying on the first coat of primer.

Our painting crew also has the necessary equipment to tackle hard-to-reach areas. High ceilings, stairways, and trim are tricky to reach and paint correctly. We have extendable brushes and rollers, masking tape, and many other tools that make these hard-to-reach areas a breeze, ensuring that your room’s paint job remains consistent and neat.

While we always want to provide our customers with affordable prices, we also understand the value of using high-quality paint. Our company works with suppliers to secure the right paint that will last for years and provide a professional finish without breaking the bank.

What to Expect from an Interior Painting Project

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A core part of our service is to work with our customers to exceed their expectations. When you first contact our company, our expert painters in Boulder will organize a meeting on location with you and a team lead. The lead will perform a quick walk-through and inspection while discussing your ideas and needs in detail to ensure that we fully understand what you want.

We’ll then provide you with an in-depth estimate outlining the project’s cost and timeline. If you decide to accept the quote, we’ll assign a professional team and schedule a project date that suits you best.

Our prep work includes protecting your furniture, fixtures, and fittings and ensuring that the walls are ready for primer and paint. We’ll remove any old caulking and replace it with fresh caulking for an even finish. If necessary, the team will remove any wallpaper and sand down the walls to ensure a smooth surface ready for painting. This prep is part of the estimate and essential to interior house painting in Boulder.

We understand that home improvement and painting projects are disruptive, so our team will work hard to minimize disruption, mess, and noise. We clean up after every shift, allowing you to use your space in peace. The final stage is a walk-through that lets you decide if you’re 100% satisfied with our work. As a premium painting company, we pride ourselves on completing each job only when our customer is fully happy.

Exterior House Painting Services by Expert Painters in Boulder, CO

Your home’s exterior plays a large role in its property value, overall appeal, and aesthetic. Unfortunately, even the best paint job will eventually wear down and look worn, faded, and even dirty.

At Robinson Painting, we recommend painting your home’s exterior once every five to ten years, depending on the quality of the initial job. As reputable Boulder house painters, we’re always ready to provide advice and guidance on how to get the most out of exterior house painting in Boulder.

We’ll handle all the tricky project details, such as choosing the right paint, getting into all the hard-to-reach areas, and preparing the surface to maximize the lifespan of the paint layer.

Reasons to Work with Our Professional Exterior Painting Team in Boulder

Exterior Multi-Family Property Repaint - Boulder Painters

We’ve worked with hundreds of Boulder homeowners to offer high-quality service throughout each project. Our commitment to putting the customer first sets us apart from other house painters you may consider.

This commitment to customer service includes being reliable and transparent during every aspect of the job. Your estimate will contain all the details about the project, including the type of paint we use, the timeframe from start to finish, and any additional work we need to do beforehand to ensure long-lasting results.

If we identify any potential problems during the project, we’ll immediately notify you and act promptly to reduce any potential downtime and additional costs.

The Painting Process

When you request a quote for exterior house painting in Boulder, our team lead will come over to examine your home’s exterior and discuss your expectations and needs. The team lead will be your main point of contact, and you’re welcome to contact them at any time with questions and concerns you may have.

We’ll schedule a time and date that suits you best. We can even help you choose the perfect colors and finish to improve property values and your home’s overall appeal. Once you’ve decided on paint, our expert crew will transform your home’s exterior.

Our range of exterior house painting services includes:

  • Full property protection.
  • Siding and trim inspections and, if necessary, repair.
  • Flaking paint removal.
  • Inspection and treatment of problem areas.
  • Cleanup after project completion.

Painting a home’s exterior requires attention to detail, knowledge of the Boulder, CO climate, dedication to high-quality results, and the necessary equipment to paint hard-to-reach areas safely. Whether you’re considering painting a portion of your home, or the entire exterior, our house painters will ensure that you get excellent service and results that will last for years.

Professional Commercial Painters in Boulder for Your Business Needs

First impressions matter, especially for commercial properties that rely on curb appeal. Few people want to work, shop, or eat in a run-down-looking business building, but the good news is that a fresh coat of paint is often enough to breathe new life into a property, whether an office building or retail space.

However, commercial painting presents unique challenges, and business property owners have different painting needs and priorities than residential jobs. That’s why we have a dedicated commercial painting crew with industry experience to help each business put its best foot forward. We’ve painted everything from warehouses to shopping plazas to small businesses, and we are willing to offer interior and exterior commercial painting services to meet your needs.

Reasons to Work with Our Professional Commercial Painters in Boulder, CO

Unlike home painting, most commercial building owners hire professional Boulder painting contractors instead of considering DIY as a viable option. However, relying on the first result in a “paint companies near me” search isn’t enough to guarantee an excellent job and may cause more problems than it solves.

What sets Robinson Painting apart from other local painters is our willingness to work with businesses and ensure you get the best service possible. That includes planning the painting process to ensure minimal disruption while ensuring high-quality results that will stand the test of time.

Our commercial painters will use low-VOC paints that dry quickly without any lingering odors or fumes to ensure that your workers can get back to business as soon as possible. Our teams use specialized equipment to prepare the interior and exterior, ensuring that your new paint job will remain durable and attractive for years.

Locally Owned-and-Operated for More Than 18 Years

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Finding a painting company in Boulder, CO, that you can trust can be extremely frustrating. At Robinson Painting, we want to provide service that we’re proud of and consistently exceed your expectations.

Third-generation painter Adam Robinson founded Robinson Painting in 2004 with the express aim to push the boundaries of interior and exterior residential and commercial painting. Adam personally supervises each painting crew to ensure safety and consistent quality work.

We’re a full-service painting contractor, which means we handle every aspect of our painting projects. Our goal is to reduce the stress that often comes with interior and exterior painting projects while keeping you in the loop.

  • We are an experienced painting company.
  • We have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the painting industry.
  • Our painters stay updated on changes to product lines to provide excellent services with products we trust continuously.

We also provide residential and commercial maintenance to extend the lifespan of your paint job by helping it weather the tough Boulder, Colorado, climate. Our service offers regular inspections and small repairs to keep your paintwork looking new. Combined with a 10-year warranty, you won’t have to worry about getting your exterior painted for several years. Choose us to be your Boulder Painters!

Get a Quote for Your Next Boulder Painting Project

Whether you want a single room painted or you are a business owner looking to revive a run-down office building, our team at Robinson Painting is here for you.

To find out more about our painting services or to schedule an estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (970) 587-3686 today. We look forward to showing you why we are the preferred choice when it comes to painters in Boulder, CO.


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