How To Pick The Right Exterior Paint Colors

May 14, 2022 | Home Improvement, Painting Colors

How To Pick The Right Exterior Paint Colors: You already have a favorite color, so choosing the right exterior paint will be easy, right? Wrong! Choosing the right exterior paint color is a daunting task since there are different factors to consider. Factors such as color schemes, budget, and paint type all come into play. External vibes range from city to city, from Soho to alternative. For example, neighborhoods in San AntonioNew York, and Colorado all look very different.

Here is everything you need to know about picking the right exterior paint color to make the project less overwhelming.

Picking The Right Exterior Paint Color

picking the right exterior paint color

You should consider different factors when picking the colors you’d like to use for the exterior. These factors include the following.

1. The Colors You Are Already Using

What color is the interior, and what are some colors that will match the exterior? Do you already have an established color scheme for your home in your neighborhood? 

Additionally, choosing a muted color for the exterior is wise, even if you prefer bright colors. When bright colors are painted on the exterior, they often look unnatural and artificial. Besides, the color will look much brighter when on the outside due to the sunlight reflection. So, refrain from using bright colors and instead settle for color at least two steps farther down.

2. Features And Materials

When selecting the right exterior paint, you need to consider all the structures and features you will be painting. Therefore, you should list these features, including the siding, roofline trim, porch ceiling, shutters, front door, railings, and stucco.

Then, make a list of the materials the new color needs to coordinate. You should have the roof, exterior flooring, stone, windows, and brick on this list. Narrowing down the features and materials will make it easy to pick an exterior color.

3. What About Your Exterior Is Unchangeable? 

What aspects of your home building are hard to change? For example, what color is your roofing, bricks, or other constant building parts that you cannot change? The right exterior paint should complement these colors to ensure they don’t crush since the exterior cannot be changed. 

Most homes have stone or brick sides, sometimes on the lower half of the house. The unchangeable exteriors that you will not paint will limit your color options. Therefore, before deciding on a color, consider these unchangeable exteriors. 

If natural materials surround the exterior of your building, determine the undertones of these materials to know which paint color will coordinate best with them. Ignoring this could result in your painted exterior looking poorly designed.

4. Make A Color Consideration

Irrespective of if you want to repaint your home’s exterior or recently completed building your first home and you’re painting it for the first time, there are three main color considerations you should make. The first is the field color. It is the primary color of the house, which is usually on the siding and stucco. Always choose a neutral color for the field color.

The second is the trim color, the color of the ceilings, window trims, columns, overhangs, and railings. You should aim for a darker or lighter shade than the field color. However, it depends on the look you would like to achieve. White is a common option for many, especially for homeowners who prefer architectural styles. 

Lastly, consider the accent color. It adds a bright pop to the exterior but is only limited to the shutters and front door. Consider a bright color for trim pieces to make a statement with the color and deliver an impactful design. 

5. Location Of Your Home

The location of your home will affect the color of paint you choose. Therefore, before picking a color, identify if your home is in a historic district. Most historic districts have limits on the colors to be painted. While it may be frustrating to deal with these laws, it is essential to adhere to them. Check with your local area’s rules to avoid going against the guidelines. 

6. Try A Swatch Test

Try the swatch test if you have picked several colors that you are sure would do well for your building’s exterior. The swatch test will provide a more realistic sample to help narrow down your options.

Have sample cards or paint chips to understand better how the exterior would look if you painted a specific color. Sometimes, the color choice may be correct, but the surface texture may change how the color appears. So, try a small swatch and paint on an inconspicuous area of your building to see how it appears. 

7. Choose A Warm Color

Most people have gray or black as their favorite colors. While they may not be an issue, you need to choose a warmer color for your exterior. The natural sunlight has a cool color temperature, so you might need to compensate by choosing a warmer or bolder color. 

Additional Tips for How To Pick The Right Exterior Paint Colors

choosing a bold exterior paint color

Here are some additional tips to ensure you select the right exterior paint.

Try Different Colors: You should always test multiple color samples before selecting. Sometimes, even the slightest variation in color shades could make a tremendous difference once the color is applied to the exterior.

Have A Mock-Up Wall: Try creating a mock-up wall to ensure you make the right choice. The wall should include the different colors on your home’s exterior. Use it to see how well the brick option will coordinate with the roofing or how the field colors complement each other. 

Try The Colors On Different Areas: When testing out different colors, don’t test all colors on the same wall. Instead, try it out on other walls and at different times where the lighting varies during the day.

In Closing

Have you ever driven past a home and temporarily considered stopping to admire the exterior colors? However, just because the color appears marvelous on that home doesn’t mean it will automatically suit your home.

Choosing the right exterior paint color for your home is a challenging task. There are numerous factors to consider, like existing interior color, landscape, and structural features. Fortunately, you can always reach out to the painting experts for professional opinions and color testing to ensure you make the right selection. 

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