Exterior Painting in Cold Weather

Jan 20, 2023 | Painting Contractor

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“I can only paint my house in the summer.” 

The quote is a common misconception that we hear often. Many people believe they can only apply a fresh coat of paint in warm weather. In reality, you can take advantage of a refreshing exterior coating even in our Colorado fall, winter, and spring.

These seasons can indeed be challenging—but not impossible—times to makeover your home’s exterior. Before putting down your first coat of paint, you will need to consider the outside temperature. Here are some things to know before you begin exterior painting in cold weather.

Should I Paint My House’s Exterior in Cold Weather?

You have the green light to paint as long as it’s above 35 degrees. This threshold marks the minimum temperature paints need to cure correctly. Many paints with low curing temperatures do not have additives, allowing for a superior finish. 

Another misconception is that you can paint when the daytime high is above 50 and the overnight low is below 35. The daytime high isn’t the only temperature that matters. You should also consider the overnight low, which should remain above 35 degrees. 

While you won’t face any problems during the application, you will encounter difficulties during the drying stage. Paints stop coalescing or melding if the temperatures are too low. Other factors, such as the brushes and type of paint, can make a difference in the results, too.

Uncured paints can also expose your home to unwanted moisture. Dew forms on surfaces overnight because cold air doesn’t retain water vapor as well as warm air. When the moisture evaporates, it causes ingredients to come to the surface, creating stains and hindering adhesion.

The key for cold-weather painting is to pick a paint designed for 35-degree weather that is water-resistant. The formula lets the paint cure on time and wicks moisture away from your home. These paints have twice the moisture resistance as standard latex coatings.

What Steps Should I Take Before Painting in Cold Weather?

Even with new products, you should still take precautions before performing exterior painting in cold weather. For instance, you’ll want to double-check that you have self-priming paint, making it easier for the coat to bond. If you’re unsure about the self-priming capacities, reach out to one of the experts at Robinson Painting of Colorado. 

You should also pay attention to the substrate. The substrate needs to reach a minimum temperature, usually above 35 degrees, to work correctly. Our painters have infrared temperature tools that allow us to check substrate temperatures in seconds. 

The brushes and rollers matter during application. The paint should easily coat the brush, roller, or other tools, even at low temperatures. These paints tend to have a thicker consistency, leaving you with a very durable exterior finish.

Some other factors to consider before painting include:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Humidity
  • Direct sunlight
  • Drying time

Are you still concerned? Don’t be, because calling in the experts is your best course of action. Once you consider these variables, it’s time to sit down with a member of our painting team from Robinson Painting of Colorado. 

Call in the Pros from Robinson Painting of Colorado

We will work with you to find solutions that fit your budget. We offer flexible payment plans that let you pay in monthly increments, as well as a $50 discount for anyone that uses our referral program.

At Robinson Painting of Colorado, we take pride in providing long-lasting exterior paint jobs and reliable customer service. Our family-owned operation has assisted homeowners in Boulder, Denver, and Englewood for more than 15 years. We strive to not only meet but to exceed your expectations with every project. 

Experience matters when you hire painting contractors. Fortunately, we have three generations of knowledgeable and friendly painting experts. We understand what it takes to deliver superior exterior paint jobs in cold weather, even when snow and sleet are around the corner.

Get the insights you need with a free estimate from Robinson Painting of Colorado today. Our comprehensive assessment will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your next paint job. We’ll even include a 10-year exterior warranty on labor and the paint company’s limited lifetime warranty for your ultimate peace of mind.

The Right Painter for Your Home

Exterior painting in cold weather is tricky. At Robinson Painting of Colorado, we are continuously learning about the best products and application methods so that our customers get the paint job they want when they need it. Our emphasis on customer satisfaction is one of the many reasons we earned a “Best of 2020” rating from Porch and also BBB accreditation.

Get started with your exterior painting for cold weather by calling us at (866) 529-1143. We serve the extended Boulder and Denver areas across the Front Range. One of our licensed and insured experts will sit down with you to discuss your free color consulting. Give your home a fresh coat and a fresh start today!

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