Commercial Paint Colors for Your Business – 5 Guidelines to Consider

Jan 29, 2022 | Painting Colors

What are the top five (5) guidelines to consider when choosing commercial paint colors for your business?

Here they are (we expound on each point in more detail below, so keep reading):

  1. What are your brand colors?
  2. Make the right first impression.
  3. Think of the function of spaces.
  4. Consider the psychology of colors.
  5. Think of the location.
Commercial Paint Colors for Your Commercial Business

Commercial Building Repaint. Credit: Leohoho via Unsplash.

The paint on a building’s exterior walls is its first line of defense against the elements. A nicely painted exterior will also improve the visual appeal of any building. But for commercial buildings, paint is more than just something to make the business premises look attractive.

The way you paint your business premises is a primary factor in your ability to attract the right customers. Don’t forget to keep the premises clean too, says Crown Inc. Exterior and interior paint signals to visitors the kind of business you are. It also has a profound influence on the productivity of your employees. But a great choice of color with dirty surroundings won’t do any of this.

The colors you choose for your commercial building should be an integral part of your marketing strategy and should align with your brand image and the demographic you are trying to attract. What are the best colors to use on the business premises?

To decide which colors are best for your business, you first need to understand the essential factors to consider.

What to think of when choosing paint colors for your business

1) What are your brand colors?

If you already have colors that you use in your branding – website, logo, business cards, or exterior signage – it makes sense to stick with them. Using your brand colors will let you create an environment that matches your brand identity. Painting the building in brand colors also makes the premises easier to recognize for people already familiar with your brand.

2) Make the right first impression

In addition to aligning with your brand image, you want the colors to grab attention. The colors should let you express yourself in a way that resonates with your target audience. Depending on the industry you are in, you want the colors to be fun, suggestive of high-end glamour, or staid. If you are trying to promote a businesslike atmosphere, you should not use pink or bubblegum green.

3) Think of the function of spaces

Commercial Interior Repaint

Commercial Interior Repaint. Credit: uschools via iStock Photo.

Consider how much exposure the paint will have to dust and grime. The color of paint used in high, low, or medium-traffic areas should vary. Another factor is how much illumination you need in a room and how the paint color will affect the lighting. You may also use paint to define areas in your workspace. For instance, if you use a vast open space, you can make it less overwhelming by segments of it in different colors.

4) Consider the psychology of colors

Paint plays a vital role in the productivity of your employees because of the ways colors affect people’s moods. Every color has a specific way it interacts with the human brain. Understand the impact your intended colors will have on the people who use that space. Be sure the effect agrees with the expected activity in that room. You may use colors to incite hunger, inspire creativity, encourage communication or induce sleep; think of what you want the colors to do.

5) Think of the location

The dominant architectural style in your area or district matters since it imposes restrictions on the color scheme you can use. The landscaping standard in the area is another characteristic you want to consider. There are no hard and fast rules about how you should paint your business premises in most places. But you have to decide whether you want your building to blend in with the environment or stand out.

Colors to use for your business and what each one means

Blue Commercial Paint Colors

Blue is one of the most-used colors for workplaces because of its well-established reputation for engendering trust. Blue also promotes efficiency and is considered the most productive color for a workplace. Blue helps people to stay focused and is also calming. That is why people often use it in the waiting areas of doctor’s offices.

Red Commercial Paint Colors

Red is the color of passion; it evokes strong emotions because of its energizing qualities. Red promotes hunger, urgency, competitiveness, and sexual feeling. It is the right color for any space where intensity is required. But using too much red can also be overwhelming to the senses.

Grey Commercial Paint Colors

Grey is a neutral color that combines well with colors that pop. Almost any bright or bold color will work well with gray. Gray injects serenity into spaces, which helps to promote peace of mind. But the best thing about grey is its association with class and professionalism. It is perfect as a base color.

Green Commercial Paint Colors

Green is associated with sustainability. Traditionally viewed as a symbol of stability and fertility, it is now more valuable in company brands and logos. Green has a balancing effect that can help revitalize the emotions of your customers and employees.

Yellow Commercial Paint Colors

Yellow promotes happy feelings and cheerful communication. It stimulates effusive emotions, which is why you find the color in several jewelry, fashion, and art shops. Yellow is also a terrific color for stirring the creative juices of your employees or clients.

Orange Commercial Paint Colors

Orange is a mood-lifting color to use in your reception area. You want to have a bit of orange around the front desk to inspire positive feelings in your front desk employees and clients.

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