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Are you tired of your home’s outdated, worn-out, lackluster appearance? A fresh coat of paint could work wonders inside and out. At Robinson Painting of Colorado LLC, our professional painting services include exterior and interior home painting in the Fort Collins, CO, area.

Our experienced Fort Collins painters know exactly what your home needs to look its best. We maintain a customer-first mindset throughout our painting projects, ensuring that each client has a hassle-free process with a spectacular finished product. Call (866) 528-8902 to learn about our recent work and the home services offered to customers.

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Wo Do Complete Exterior and Interior Repaints in Fort Collins, CO

Not every Fort Collins painting contractor can say they bring professionalism and personability to every painting job, but we can!

At Robinson Painting, we are a locally owned, family-operated painting business with professional house painters who love our community. With exceptional communication, quality customer care, and over a decade of painting industry expertise, we’ve established a loyal customer base throughout the Fort Collins area.

Painting is our passion, whether interior or exterior house painting. Our painters in Fort Collins will work closely with you, keep you informed with project details reports and pictures, and follow your painting specifications to a tee. You’ll stay in the loop and know what to expect from our professional services.

We’re a full-service painting business with solutions for all your household painting needs. We offer a suite of top-quality home improvement services, including:

  • Exterior and interior painting
  • Cabinetry painting
  • Color Consultation
  • Deck and fence work
  • Wood and sheetrock repair
  • Pressure washing

Contact our painting professionals for expert services when you need interior or exterior spaces painted. Our painters will arrive and start painting promptly, keeping your budget and busy schedule in mind. We ensure that furniture, flooring, wall hangings, plants, and other household items stay protected during and after the paint job.

Getting a painting estimate from some residential painters in Fort Collins, CO, can be tricky. Some painters will give an estimate but end up charging more as the project continues and they experience setbacks. Be sure to choose the right painting company for the job—one like Robinson Painting that will discuss any complication or price change with you upfront.

Exterior House Painting Costs for Homes in Fort Collins

Over time, home exteriors in the Fort Collins area will wear out and look shabby. Our Fort Collins painters understand how exterior painting can boost outdoor aesthetics. Hiring an exterior painting contractor can instantly improve your property value and curb appeal.

Your estimate from an exterior residential painter will vary depending on multiple factors. However, you can expect to pay a painter $1,300 at a minimum and $15,600 at the most. On average, Fort Collins homeowners pay $8,450 to paint their exterior.

Factors Contributing to Overall Painting Costs in Fort Collins

Many factors contribute to the overall costs of an exterior house painter. When our Fort Collins painters show up to provide an initial estimate, we’ll assess your property and note anything that may affect your total budget. Generally, you can anticipate an overall charge based on the following factors:

  • The number of stories: Single-story houses usually get a lower estimate than multi-level houses. If you own a tall house, painters will likely need more equipment, painting materials, paint, personnel, and time to do a quality paint job.
  • The complexity of the job: Architectural features can create a hassle for exterior painters. Odd angles and elaborate detail work will require more time and careful attention for a professional company to paint.
  • The house’s location: Painting an exterior house in a neighborhood with lower home values typically costs less for our Fort Collins painters. If a painting contractor must work around high-traffic areas, the painting will cost customers more.
  • Paint options: Paint comes in various options. Standard paint for their property will cost our local painters less than premium.

Ways You Can Save on Exterior Painting

Exterior house paint work might seem pricey, but you can easily save with simple steps. One way to save is by tending to the foliage around your house. If tree branches lean against the exterior or shrubbery clings to the exterior house siding, it takes painting professionals time and money to remove.

Another easy way to save on your future painting project involves surface prep work. Walk around outside and look for stains, stuck-on grime, protruding nails, and exterior house siding damage. Dealing with these issues before you contact a painting contractor could save hours of work by professionals and save you money.

Interior Painting Costs in Fort Collins

Fort Collins Interior Painting

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How much does interior painting cost in Fort Collins, CO? It varies from project to project and contractor to contractor. Fort Collins painters must calculate how long the job will take, how much paint is necessary, and other aspects of the job.

To hire an interior house painter in Fort Collins, you can pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. A painting estimate could range from as low as $400 for painters to as much as $3,100. $1,750 is the average cost to hire interior painters.

Factors That Contribute to Overall Costs

Just as with exterior painting, interior house painting costs hinge on many factors. At Robinson Painting, we let our clients know what charges to expect and never unexpectedly increase them. Our painting estimate accounts for factors including:  

  • The number of rooms: More rooms to paint increases the estimate. Interior house painters will need to spend more time on the premises and use more paint.
  • Wall texture: Rough, coarse surfaces don’t hold paint as well as smooth ones. They also are more prone to missed spots and an uneven finish. Smoother walls require less paint, and professional painters can cover them faster.
  • Interior wall prep: You’ll get a higher estimate if our painting contractor team needs to prepare the interior before painting, such as repairing drywall, removing wallpaper, or cleaning.

Ways You Can Save on Interior Painting

Do you want to save on your upcoming interior painting project? We recommend inspecting the interior walls before the painter arrives, fixing any damage, and properly cleaning the surfaces. Having your walls ready and in excellent condition can save painters from charging for the extra prep work.

Occupied rooms are much more challenging for a painting contractor than unoccupied spaces. If possible, keep people and pets away from the worksite and ensure that it’s empty before the painters arrive to make the process go smoothly and save you money.

Robinson Painting: Interior and Exterior Painting Company for Fort Collins Residents

At Robinson Painting of Colorado, we are proud to be the go-to painting company for residents of Fort Collins, CO, and its vicinity. Our experienced contractors strive for perfection every time, making your needs our top priority. Northern Colorado residents keep giving us business for several reasons:

  • Free painting estimates
  • Zero upfront payments
  • Over 20 years of painting experience
  • Licensed, insured team members
  • Warranties up to 10 years
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Exceptional customer service

Are you ready to give your home a makeover? At Robinson Painting of Colorado LLC, we provide top-quality exterior and interior painting services throughout Fort Collins, CO, and the surrounding area. Contact our Fort Collins painters at 970-587-3686 for a free estimate. Check out our Painting FAQ as well.


What services does Robinson Painting of Colorado offer?

Robinson Painting of Colorado LLC provides various services, including exterior and interior painting, cabinet painting, color consultation, deck and fence work, wood and sheetrock repair, and pressure washing. Visit robinsonpaintingllc.com.

How do you ensure the safety of household items during the painting job?

Our experienced painters take every necessary precaution to safeguard your household items. We take measures such as covering furniture, flooring, wall hangings, plants, and other items to ensure they stay protected during and after the painting job. Visit robinsonpaintingllc.com.

What factors contribute to the overall cost of exterior and interior house painting?

For exterior painting, factors such as the number of stories, the job’s complexity, the house’s location, and paint options contribute to the overall cost. Similarly, the number of rooms, wall texture, and interior wall preparation contribute to the total interior painting cost. Visit robinsonpaintingllc.com.

How can I save on my exterior and interior painting projects?

For exterior painting, you can save us time and effort by tending to foliage around your house, like removing tree branches and shrubbery. We do all the prep work. For exterior and interior painting, we will give you a competitive quote backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Visit robinsonpaintingllc.com.

How can I get a free estimate from Robinson Painting of Colorado LLC?

You can contact our Fort Collins painters at 970-587-3686 for a free estimate. We also assure zero upfront payments and provide warranties of up to 10 years for our services. Visit robinsonpaintingllc.com.


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