Denver Painters: Colorado Residential and Commercial Painting Services

Denver Painters: Colorado Residential and Commercial Painting Services

Do you need your house or commercial space painted? Over time, residential and commercial buildings may begin to look old and dingy. Exterior paint might fade, and interior paint might chip and peel.

If you find yourself in need of a home repaint, it may be time to reach out to our professional team of local painting contractors at Robinson Painting of Colorado LLC.

Robinson Painting provides unmatched commercial and residential painting services in metro Denver, CO. 

Our customer-first approach means you can sit back and enjoy the process while seeing an outstanding finished product from some of the best house painting pros in the Colorado painting industry.

To learn more about our services and get a free estimate, call us at 970-587-3686. We paint Denver!

Top Residential and Commercial Denver Painting Contractors

Home Exterior Painters in Denver

Home Exterior Repaint

At Robinson Painting, we’re a family-owned and -operated business. We bring professionalism and a personal touch to all our painting projects, ensuring you get the most satisfying results. Our loyal customers say we’re a great company to work with and don’t have enough words to tell us they’re thrilled with our proven process, fantastic work, and personable staff.

Some painting companies will offer an estimate for painting but change the price once the project starts. They may cite unforeseen complications and charge you more without discussing project details. We don’t work like that—if we ever need to charge more than the original estimate, we’ll explain first and always ask you for the go-ahead.

If you’re looking for professional painting contractors to paint your home or business, look no further than our team at Robinson Painting. We provide unparalleled commercial and residential painting services with exceptional customer support, ensuring that everything meets your specifications.

As one of the top painting contractors in Denver, we also offer an incredible variety of commercial and home improvement services, including:

Our residential and commercial painters in Denver, CO, try to minimize disruption to your daily schedule as much as possible. We pay attention to details and do a fantastic job of diligently protecting flooring, plants, furniture, and other important items. After each shift, we clean up the workspace to help you get back to everyday life.

Interior Painting Job Costs in Denver, CO

Denver Residential Interior Painting

Residential Interior Bathroom Repaint

Interior commercial and residential painting costs vary from project to project, and estimates depend on several factors. For example, a painting project that requires heavy-duty equipment, expensive materials, and lots of personnel will likely cost more than a two-person brush job.

Don’t fail to consider hourly labor costs for home painters in Colorado. A full-service interior house painting job in Denver, CO, typically costs a few thousand dollars. The minimum you can expect to pay is around $4,900, and the maximum is approximately $8,800. On average, people spend about $6,864 on interior painting, depending on the size of the house and the paint job.*

*Note: for the most accurate estimate, please contact us directly.

Denver Painters – Factors That Contribute to Overall Costs for Your Painting Project

As mentioned earlier, many factors contribute to interior commercial and residential painting costs. Our painting professionals emphasize transparency in pricing, basing our estimates on:

  • Room Size: We’ll calculate the square footage and determine what equipment we need and how much paint is necessary.
  • Wall texture: Smoother walls usually require less paint than coarse ones.
  • Surface preparation: Will your interior surfaces require extensive preparation before a painting contractor can start working? If so, the price of the painting project will increase.

It typically costs more to paint Denver businesses than residential buildings, and many factors contribute to the total. Commercial painting of a restaurant, office, retail center, or other local business requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Contact us today for an estimate from our experienced commercial painters.

How To Save Money on Interior Painting

Doing surface prep work yourself can help save money on interior house painting. Check the interior walls thoroughly for signs of damage, and repair drywall or sheetrock as necessary. The better the walls’ condition, the sooner we can start to paint Denver homes.

You can also clear the rooms before we arrive to paint. Relocating chairs, sofas, desks, tables, and other items can take billable time. Doing it yourself can save our professional painters time.

Note: Check out some creative design ideas.

Exterior Painting Costs for Your Colorado Home

Denver Exterior House Repaint

Exterior House Repaint

Do you need your house painted in Denver, CO? At Robinson Painting, our house painters have the equipment, experience, and know-how to handle any paint job according to your preferences and painting needs. Total costs vary significantly from house to house, and our estimates hinge on multiple factors.

Although average costs are higher for exterior painting than the interior, exterior projects have a wider price range. Minimum charges start at $1,300 and can reach up to $15,500. On average, Denver residents can expect to pay a house painter $8,400 for exterior home painting.*

*Note: for the most accurate estimate, please contact us directly.

Factors That Contribute to Overall Costs

We consider many factors when our professional Denver painting contractors arrive to evaluate the job and provide an estimate. Exterior commercial and residential painting costs depend mainly on how much paint we’ll need, what type of work we’ll be doing, and how tall the building is. Our painters calculate overall costs based on things like:

  • The number of stories: One-story buildings don’t cost as much to paint as multi-level homes. A tall house requires more equipment (such as ladders and perhaps a cherry picker), more paint, and more time to finish the project.
  • Architectural features: Does your home’s exterior have many weird angles and fancy details? If so, detail painting will take more time.
  • Building location: If you live in a more exclusive neighborhood, in a house that lacks outdoor space, or in one with constant traffic nearby, you may end up paying more for a superb job.
  • Paint type: Our expert residential painting contractors use only the highest-quality paint for every task. However, premium paint costs more.
  • Surface preparation: Surface prep is a major factor that impacts overall costs. You’ll pay more if our team has to do extensive taping, sanding, scraping, washing, etc.

How To Save Money on Exterior House Painting in Denver

Exterior home painting doesn’t need to be expensive. One easy way to save is by routinely checking your home’s exterior, hammering in protruding nails, scrubbing off stains, and doing pressure washing. You’ll want to keep everything clean to help your current paint coat last longer and look better.

Another way to avoid unnecessary expenses is by tending to the foliage around your house. Invading tree branches, vines, and close-growing shrubs can make exterior home painting difficult. Trimming these plants throughout the year will save money for your future painting project.

Robinson Painting of Colorado LLC—Denver’s Number One Painting Company

When a commercial business or Colorado homeowner needs to revitalize their place, they turn to our team at Robinson Painting. Our painting company takes pride in every interior and exterior painting job. Here’s why our clients keep coming back:

  • Zero payments upfront
  • 20-plus years of industry experience
  • Fully insured and licensed local painters
  • Five-year to 10-year warranties
  • Various payment options
  • Free painting project estimates
  • Customer-oriented services

Does your home or commercial building need a fresh look? At Robinson Painting of Colorado, we offer professional services for all your Denver painting needs. Call us at 970-587-3686 for a free quote!

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